Cheap Dining Table Sets under 100

12 Cheap Dining Table Sets under 100

Serving food at the dining table is more satisfying when the whole family eating beside each other.You living place can be a one-room apartment or tiny one you are always trying to find a specific area to determine to dine area.Get idea of cheap dining room sets under 100,if you are finding them in various website and near shops of you. Particularly, dining table sets comes with various material, size, shape and style while you need to know the purpose, placement area and good contraction of them.

Lovely dining table plays versatile role with serving food.When you are in shortage of space try to find a multi-functional dining table where you can entertain your family and friends, helping you kids in their homework or if you are one of them who liked to solve office file in the kitchen’s dining table. So, choose a design which capable to meet all types of need.

Today’s, people love to make unique pieces which match their personality and home decoration.As a dining table set is most a front or centerpiece which can highlighted the entire room picking right one can make you overwhelming.Find the great piece of cheap dining table sets under 100 in this rest of article.

Our Top Picks:

On account of  finding your desired one we recommended here 12 cheap dining tables sets under 100 which have great combination of good price, solid construction, timeless design and high quality materials. Of course this will be a perfect fit for your small apartment which are picked with highly focused on budget. Let us take a look at the gathering together of the cheapest dining table sets in the market:

1. Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Round Table

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Round Table

Key feature:

  • Incorporated multipurpose shelf
  • Fits in small space
  • Sturdy  steel frame
  • Water resistance MDF board top
  • Small and compact
  • Less restricted armrest

We are starting with cheap 3 Piece dining room sets  from Best Choice Products which  is an unbeatable solution of a small kitchen when you want to create a particular space for eating and completing an office task or helping of kids homework.Whether it is breakfast or romantic dinner this can be the most versatile choice for your place.Even the less restricted armrest and ergonomic chairs back offer you comfortable seating experience which spacious seating space.

Incorporation of multipurpose shelf makes a good storage space for small things and easily can give a clean look for your dining table ares.With 31 x 20.75 x 29.5 inches overall dimension of table and chair you can find they how much compact they are but  reliable option to seat and eating your favorite dishes with friend and special one.
Construction of the dining table set don’t let yet think that they are as cheap dining table sets under 100,when it has sturdy steel frame and water resistance MDF board top and surprising weigh capacity like 110 lbs.These are lightweight but enough sturdy and durable than that to support rounds of the years with low maintenance.Don’t worry about the installation process which is pretty simple for anyone.

Why we pick it?

  • Well packed
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Value for prize
  • Surprising weight capacity
  • Ergonomic chair design

2. Hooseng 5 Pcs Dining Table Set

Hooseng 5 Pcs Dining Table Set

Key feature:

  • Extremely stable
  • High quality MDF top
  • Durable metal frame
  • Follows rustic style
  • Assembling is very easy
  • Stools can tuck under table

This is the great collection of cheap dining table sets under $100 with durable metal frame construction and high quality MDF top.Because of their simple and elegant design you can place this anywhere in residential like living room, kitchen and breakfast nook or commercial space like restaurant or others.It has great stable to take load even a healthy friend.

If you have a great passionate for rustic vibe, here is the ideal pick for you with a minimalistic yet aesthetic look.If you are living as a small home and hard to get floor space to more this stylish dining table set’s stools can be tucked under the table able use, as a result you can be a good number of space abound the dining table.

Sometime assemble of the new dining table takes your 3 or more hours, but this set comes with a simple and straightforward step to put together and access them within least time.Taking care of your dining table affect the durability of the set in a long rung and this have high quality table-top which required only damp cloth cleaning after every use.No matter you are using this set daily or occasionally this support you coups of years.

Why we picked it?

  • Wide application
  • Super easy to clean 
  • Perfectly fits in small space
  • Reasonable price
  • Looks great
  • Simple and elegant design

3. ARLIME 3-Piece Dining Table & Chair Set

ARLIME 3-Piece Dining Table & Chair Set

Key feature:

  • Blending glow of contemporary and classic style
  • Paint coated metal frame
  • An additional shelf with table
  • Use good quality MDF for seat and tabletop
  • Arc shaped backrest
  • Strong load bearing capacity

Style matter a lot when you are updating your home decorating even a dining table for a small kitchen.To keep this thought we add this set in cheap dining table sets under $100 list which can be your best match with surprisingly blending of contemporary and classical glow.If you notice the picture you can’t stop loving of this product with its first glance such as sleek and modern look.

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Arc shaped backrest ensure good posture when you are seating on this tavern dining table sets.While the less restricted backrest offer more spacious seating space.This set designed with space-saving idea such as the curved backrest fit the table round perfectly and tuck under the table without taking precious space of your floor after use them.

This three-piece dining table set have MDF table-top and iron pipe contraction.Iron pipe has paint coating to make this and rust and long-lasting performance.Don’t think them tottering  because of their simple and lightweight appearance, this has good weight-bearing capacity to support you extremely.The shelf of the table allow storing daily needed thing like magazine book and more.

Why we picked it?

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Ideal for small place
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Clean up is very simple 

4. Table -3 Piece Dining Set

Table -3 Piece Dining Set

Key feature:

  • Comfortable stools
  • Space-saving dinning solution
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Accurate for daily rough use
  • Durable metal frame
  • Elegant marble table-top

The dining table set is designed with high density MDF and marble veneer which can be the source of so many complements in your decor which is also more attractive point as cheap small dining table set.Together with the black finished leg and marble veneer top is an aesthetic glow food any place including living room, dining room or commercial place.

For ensuring extreme durability this has high quality materials and metal connectors which makes this set suitable to meet daily need with classic comfort.The stool comes with 21 x 13.5 x13.5 inch without backrest yet faux leather upholstery which offer ultimate comfort for a long time even in winter season.You can add more seating option around the table as this set offer you sufficient legroom.

As a space-saving solution this dining table comes with 32 x 35.5 x 23.5 inch which fits any small space like your kitchenette and corner of living room. These beautiful stools can fit under the table after use which can increased your floor space.The horizontal columns and square well build legs of the chairs support a goof weight and flexible posture for your feet to rest. While the armless design of the stool allow easy access of them.

Why we picked it?

  • Highly stable
  • Wide application
  • Need manual assembly
  • Beautiful finish 
  • Simple but attractive
  • Modern charms

5. IRONCK 3 Piece Dining Set Table

IRONCK 3 Piece Dining Set Table

Key feature:

  • Spacious storage space and table-top
  • Included manual instruction and hard tools
  • Robust iron pipe frame
  • Stylish and functional
  • Neutral warm brown finish
  • Ladder back design chairs

Getting a great combination of elegance and durability is surprising when we are driving in cheap dining table sets under $100.And  our this pick is a vibrant example of it.This table offer you a spacious table-top with a storage space as you don’t feel lacking of space even with such compact dining table set.It packed with all the pieces of hardware and manual instruction which is needed to assemble them faster.

To build the structure robust iron pipe is used black paint with neutral brown finish table-top and chairs seat which is looking attractive in placement of various place including kitchenette, dining are, restaurant and more.Because off their sturdy contraction this has good weight-bearing capacity to support you ultimately.With this simple design and minimalistic look you can easily bring the industrial and vintage glow in your dining area.

Ladder back design provide modern and stylish charm which won’t fail to match any decoration of your style and best support in your seating experience.Don’t this such a cheap dining table set can be used daily purpose, with water resistance quality you can depend on the for couple of years use even in daily use.Before purchasing a new set you should consider this which not let you down in performance and good-looking.

Why we picked it?

  • Easy to assemble
  • Elegant and simple
  • Wide applications
  • Charms of vintage and industrial
  • Greatly stable
  • Water resistance

6. Table Set Counter Height Dining Table Set

Table Set Counter Height Dining Table Set

Key feature:

  • Suits many style and decor
  • Well-made
  • Durable steel frame 
  • Extremely stable
  • Looks great with brown and black combination
  • Instructions guide included

Counter height in dining table is attracting anyone when you are scrolling in cheapest dining table set review.With this counter height you can enjoy your leisure time, breakfast or dinner even working time with more flexibility and comfort.Construction of this set with durable steel and quality based MDF.When a small dining table comes with 36 x 43.3 x 23.6 inch overall dimension with 24 x 15.7 x 11.8 inch stools you fit them in small places.

 Whether it is your working place or personal kitchen these 5 pieces dining table play a vital role together all the family member at the dinner time or weekend party.Most interestingly this is a space-saving design while you can tuck the stools under the table after use.Each stool has around foot rest which ensure comfort your legs and stability of siting seats.

This does not require lots of maintenance even the table-top with damp cloth and tighten the nuts after long termed use which confirms best support for you.Table-top finish and frame paint provide this set industrial glow and aesthetic appearance for your modern small kitchen with carefree sitting solution.

Why we picked it?

  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Multifunctional dining table set
  • Rustic appeal
  • Simple yet attractive
  • Counter height table
  • Space-saving design

7. VINGLI 3 Piece Dining Set,Small Kitchen Table Set

VINGLI 3 Piece Dining Set,Small Kitchen Table Set

Key feature:

  • Available three finishes
  • Required manual assembly
  • Offers storage space
  • Ergonomic chair back
  • Sturdy metal frame
  •  high quality MDF table-top and chair seat

If you are finding cheap small dining table set with lots of color choice which can be best match for you decor we suggest you VINGLY  3 piece which have several beautiful colors which women you disappoint you to pick to highlight the dining area among black, walnut, white oak and natural wood.To make you quite stable this comes with instruction following this you can easily assemble them faster.

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Consisting of two chairs and a compact table this set arrival.The chair has an ergonomic back design with less restricted armrest.All the arrangement offer comfortable siting with these chair.With 29.9 x 33.5 x 23.5 inch dimension of table can offer enough room to tuck 30.1 x 13.8 inch chair which is effective for safe space in your breakfast nook, balcony, kitchen room and more.

Rounded edge of the dining table set won’t hurt you even you are careless to sit.The combination of MDF and sturdy metal frame offer a long-lasting and sturdy dining table set while the supporting bar of the dining table offer supreme stability.The wine rack can manage a good space to store wine bottle newspaper and more for easy access.Smooth table-top does not require high maintenance even clean with damp cloth after every use.

Why we pick it?

  • Affordable price
  • Chic and modern
  • Easy to clean 
  • Timeless design
  • Durable and stable
  • Fits any small space

8. Dining Table for 4 Dining Room

Dining Table for 4 Dining Room

Key feature:

  • Frame constructed from heavy steel
  • Marble veneer with MDF table-top
  • Upholstered stools
  • Supports up to 270 pounds each chair 
  • Classical comfort
  • Great choice for small place

Our next cheap dining table sets under $100 have such affordable price yet not ready to sacrifice the quality.From their construction material you will get a clear idea about them.Together with heavy steel frame and mater connector offer their durability even after a couple of the years of use.Beside this high quality MDF with marble veneer itself long-lasting component for a dining table set and also elegant touch for any room such as kitchen, living room and dining room.

High spring back sponge and PU leather surface of stool confirm your classical comfort with vertical columns for stability.Black finishing for the frame and black leather surface develop a great combination with MDF table-top  to bring contemporary glow with retro style  for your place.Superior quality of the material and colors blending makes aesthetic and luxurious touch instantly a place.

The modern and slim appearance of the dining table set offer the various placement and functionality from coffee table, work desk, eating and food preparation space in your kitchen, breakfast nook, living room and more.You can tuck the chair under the table.Undoubtedly here the best set of dining table for small family even you can add more seating option for your guest.

Why we pick it?

  • Easy to clean and care
  • Worth of money
  • Simple to put together
  • Solid and beautiful
  • Follow contemporary style
  • Lots of placement choices

9. Bonnlo Bar Table Set,41.7″ Bar Table

Bonnlo Bar Table Set,41.7 Bar Table

Key feature:

  • Sturdy materials made
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Elegant and perfect 
  • Comfortable to use
  • Trendy design
  • Simple and quick assembly

Most  Pub dining table set are simple and elegant while counter height is bonus pints to ads convenience to use them. And as a cheap small dining table set it could be a right choice when you love to keep your room furniture plain yet functional pieces.This comes with 36.2 x 41.7 x 18.5-inch table and  24.8 x 13.6 inch two stools to fit any small place for kitchen, breakfast nook, living room, pub, restaurant and lounges a wide placement choice.

Light brown finish with black finish always eye catchy combination which can match any decoration of your place.The frame of this set is made of heavy-duty steel and table stools is crafted from MDF and PVC veneer which is enough durable to fulfill your daily needs with smooth surface and  surprising durability.The consistence color tone of this set have a great leaning to contemporary and rustic glow.

Adjustable table leg offer high convenience to use this per user demand and needs.Two height horizontal columns provide extreme support with heavy wight people seating and feet keeping position for ensuring comfortable posture.Through manual instruction you can assemble this set within an hour.We can add more seating options around the table if you feel needed.

Why we pick it?

  • A wide placement
  • Good for the price
  • Ideal for small space
  • Appealing look
  • Sized properly

10. Giantex 3 Piece Dining Set Compact 2 Chairs

Giantex 3 Piece Dining Set Compact 2 Chairs

Key feature:

  • Included all assembly accessories
  • Armless chair design
  • Spacious table-top
  • Storage shelf under the table-top
  • Ergonomic back of chairs
  • Robust construction

Compact size with spacious  storage in cheap 3 piece dining table sets under 100 is worthy of consideration when you are insufficiency of space. You can store newspaper magazine, wine bottle towel and other for easy access.Seat height is 18 inches from floor with 13.5 diameter wide seating option is most suitable for most height people.

Table of this set have 31.3 x 20.9 x 29.3 inch a good range of space for eating, working or playing card in your small kitchen, breakfast knock, living room.Armless design of the chair with ergonomic  backrest offer you more comfortable siting experience at your eating or leisure time.Together with high quality frame and MDF materials this can be an amazing centerpiece for your place.

From several color of MDF and frame finish you can choose your utmost match among silver, black and natural.There are two horizontal bars on the table which looks stylish addition and provide stability to support to golf good weight. If you want to tuck the two chairs under the table which offer a good amount of space on the floor.This oval shape table have a smooth  round edge which won’t hurt to access them.

Why we picked it?

  • Versatile look
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Lightweight and steady
  • Can hold up to 176lbs
  • Easy to assemble

11. Writing Desk Study Laptop/Dining Table

Writing Desk Study LaptopDining Table

Key feature:

  • Attractive design
  • Very easy to clean up
  • Beautiful finish
  • Offer four choices
  • Prevents floor scratching
  • Enough legroom

A single piece of a dining table offer lots of convenience when you want to bring a different look with your existence  furniture pieces. Here the cheapest dining table which is multifunctional as dining desk, computer gaming desk, bedroom makeup table, craft desk and more.Because of its suitable size and lovely teak finish you can add anyplace where you want.Assembly and cleaning of this table very simple while it need only 15 mins to assemble.

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Because of having scratch resistance laminate finish you can use this at your work place kitchen and dining table without tension of wear and tear even after long time use.As a functional desk it has 55.11 x 23.62 x 29.52 inch dimensions to enjoy the most versatile uses of this table from home to office.Through contemporary glow and clean aesthetic design it ensures comfort  as study table, writing desk and more possibilities.

This beautiful table-top is crafted from P2 classical particle board and stainless steel frame with heavy duty coated powder which are confirmed their durability.Most interestingly it comes with 45 degree leg design and adjustable leg pads which added ultimate freedom to place this table any kind of floor with user most convenience.

Why we pick it?

  • Easy to put together
  • Two-tone finish 
  • Durable and stable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Multifunctional
  • Accommodates four people

12. Table Dining Set Bar Breakfast Metal Frame

Table Dining Set Bar Breakfast Metal Frame

Key feature:

  • Upholstered dining chairs
  • Lots of uses
  • Used density board
  • Frames from quality steel
  • Taken advanced welding technology
  • Easy to clean

This is our last but not the least product in  cheap dining table sets under 100  which made of density board and high quality steel frame for unparalleled durability.To entertain your family with serving delicious food the small dining table sets able to support the round of the years with the wood grain veneer.Along with longer lasting this look aesthetic with black finish in coffee shop, restaurant, kitchenette or balcony and dining room proudly.

Stability of this dining table set found in choosing through of the advanced welding technology which helps to give exquisite design of this set, Because of the horizontal post these can take good weight to bear.As you see them in picture how compact size this has with specially designed for 2 people seating space in small area.You can keep free you floor space by tuck into the table.

Shelf under the table-top offer a handy storage for magazine, bottle and others small things.Cushioned seat together with right amount of padding and faux leather upholstery allow sitting on this for long time hurting your bums.Curved back of chair not only easily fit with a table around even it ensure  healthy posture when you are spending time with breakfast or dinner.

Why we pick it?

  • Designed exquisitely
  • Highly stable
  • Simple and luxurious
  • Glow of retro style
  • Quickly assembly
  • Timeless design

Frequently Asked Questions:

To give you clear knowledge about cheap dining table sets answering of several questions is needed.Here in the rest of the session we present the answer which can satisfy you after your purchasing or existent dining space pieces.Let driving in the details of them.

Can you place my dining table through doors?

If you have chosen a flat dining table with accurate table-top dimension this can fit you place,In this concern you should be much concern the products’ measurement types which can match the rest of furniture perfectly.

How to clean your dining table set?

Mostly dining table sets comes with low maintenance and  water and wear resistance when you invested a good amount of money to purchase a high quality product.You need only damp cloth with warm water to clean them.You should read the manuals to look after of maintenance you are dining table set properly.

How can you  choose your dining table which match the rest of furniture?

Combination of the materials and finishing offer a mixed and matched outlook of dining table set with rest of the furniture.There are a thousand collection is available in the marker or website catalogs, so it could not be hard to find you to match.We have discussed several items which can be a good option for you.Some shop offer taking orders to allow making dining table set per your demands.

What style base table should you choose?

Different base style is available for dining table set and each of them can bring unique style and look for your place as leg style offers classical style and plenty space of legroom like the pedestal one.But this only suits for round table.On the contrary trestle can bring a sense of dignity and grandeur to your ding table which enough for making your dining room table a statement piece look, but   is inefficiency of legroom for its design.

How can you arrange the chairs around  the table ?

When you choose your dining table’s chair you should be careful to pick the right height for the chair.Mostly you can choose 3- 5” chair height is required over the table-top.To ensure utmost clearance to look you need to choose 17-18 inch chair set height.Keep 24 inches between the two chairs is the most considerable spacing when the table have 29 to 30 inches.

Which is the popular choice of wide for dining table?

Depending on  space and convenient use of a dining table 40 inches is considered wide yet small one that this measurement seems difficult to fit.When you need a wider option don’t go more than 54-60 inches which can make difficulties to talk and hear other around the table.So keep your dining table 40- 60 inch is the most convenient and popular choice for your dining area.


A good dining table set is a comfortable place where you can sit hours in varied need including eating to entertaining.At the time to picking a dining table for a small place is more conflicting  rather than a larger piece at the point of materials shape, design and more.To keep all these condition in consideration we are put together our top picks with the best 12 cheap dining tables sets under 100.

Well, it is you who  is enough to find your cheap dining table set, but this processing takes a good amount of time of your and to save your time and patience we researched a lot on this topic and offering this list which have included all your requirements.

A quick tip is for you that you can choose among this list confidently which undoubtedly most elegant for your home.

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