How to clean a wood dining table and have a superb look

How to clean a wood dining table and have a superb look

As the saying goes, match gems with care. The expression can assure us that there is hidden value in any object with care and attention. For example, with care and attention, a wooden dining table can last for a long time, even a lifetime. Hopefully, everyone will agree that we do much of our daily work at home at the dining table rather than in the drawing room. In short, the dining table is the focal point of many of our daily activities. We spend a lot of time at the dining table, from eating to various games like chess, playing cards, and various activities like handicrafts, sitting around the table and chatting, etc. It’s a part of furniture that goes through a lot of wear and tear with so much work. So there is no doubt that the wooden dining table needs to be kept clean all the time. So from that point of view, we will try to know how to clean a wood dining table today. First, let’s dive into it to understand the piece. Here are some amazing suggestions for cleaning your wood dining table.

Take a stand against dust

Take a stand against dust

We are particularly careful cleaning up food or water spills on the dining table daily but a little less thorough cleaning dust and sand. We know that leaving the table unattended can cause a lot of dust and scratches if the table is not cleaned regularly. So be regular in cleaning the pile of dust. But remember that instead of using a rough and dry cloth to clean the dust, ensure to use an old t-shirt or a microfiber cloth. Next, gently clean the table surface to avoid scratching. Finally, take a soft brush or duster if the table is covered with designs or crafts.

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An effortless way to keep your table dust-free and clean is to place a tablecloth over it. If you want to see the beauty of your table, use a transparent curtain instead of hiding it. It will keep the table fresh, and you can enjoy the beauty of the table. 

Watch out for water

Water rings falling from glasses or other water jars or water rings falling from goggles or spectacles are a source of annoyance for us. Remove these irritants quickly, not damaging the wood in the long run. A mixture of a pinch of baking soda and toothpaste is awesome and effective in removing these pesky light stains. While you want to take everything off the table, grab a dry microfiber cloth and use it to wipe away and hold the surface dry.

Washing the table

Washing the table

-It would be best to clean your wooden dining table daily to maintain its beauty.

 First, take a generous amount (small amount) of liquid soap in a bowl or sink, and take sufficient water with the soap. Next, take a wet cloth to wipe the total surface of the table.

-Again, if the table paint is scratched or peeled off, you can use a mild cleaner capable of removing the scratch or peel and a soft cloth to remove it. But you must be careful not to damage the paintwork.

-If your table is covered with leafy crafts, gently clean the leaves with a brush or duster. Then wipe gently with a cloth wet with a chemical or cleaner. But do not use abusive chemicals or cleaners to do the job.

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Clean after use wood table

The dining table is very popular among people at home as it is a suitable environment for daily work. Wooden dining tables get dirty very easily. For example, removing the spots on the table surface can be difficult if you don’t clean the food residue quickly after eating and drinking. Below are the ways to clean it nicely presented:

-Take a damp cloth or sponger and scrape it out.

-Lay the wet cloth on the surface in a circular motion, wrapping all areas that may have dribbled food or drink.

-Leave the damp cloth on the table surface for 30 seconds. Then clean the food residue.

-Once all remnants are withdrawn, lay a sealant, and relish your clean table surface!

Use vinegar and oil to clean

 After using the tabletop, you may be disappointed daily by its boring and dirty environment.

In such cases, you can try using vinegar and oil. Not only will you find this method effective, but it also requires no special equipment or materials, meaning it’s a very easy-to-use solution.

-An oven should be preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Soak a cloth towel in a small amount of vinegar.

-Apply vinegar with the vinegar damp cloth circularly way on the dining table surface. And allow sitting on the table surface for 30 minutes, then use water to rinse it.

-Spray a slight olive oil on another cloth towel and wet it.

-Apply olive oil to the table surface by working circularly.

Preventing any damage

Wooden furniture can be a wonderful addition to bringing beauty to any home, but it can undoubtedly lose its beauty at any time due to unconscious damage. So be careful to avoid any damage, especially keep an eye on the children so they can not spoil the table’s beauty. We carelessly put in the hands of children a variety of metal equipment with which they can instantly wreak havoc on your table and your heart.

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Final Thought:

The wooden dining table greatly enhances the house’s elegance, the family members’ personalities, and comfort. Nevertheless, it is not unusual for them to get dirty over time, just like any other piece of furniture. So there are some important steps you can take to protect your favorite dining table from getting dirty. Take vital steps daily to keep your table clean and smelling good. The first step, clean the tabletop after every meal using the dining table cleaning spray. The second step is to use a wood protector when you polish the table. Ultimately, vacuum the table surface once a week to clear dust or crumbs.

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