How to paint a dining room table with chalk paint

 How to paint a dining room table with chalk paint

DIY projects are not only about saving money or teaching of new skills but help to reduce stress and improve your mood with introduced personalizes style and glow. Learning how to paint a dining table with chalk paint is one of the popular DIY projects you can do wrong when you completed your task.To bring modern furniture chalk pained dining table is undisputed in these years.

It is a little weird you re fan of DIY but not heard the term for chalk paint. Even after your knowing, we are clearing this in simple words.Among various decorative paint with chalky appearance and matte finish which is reliable for distressed look, generally folks who want to offer vintage glow this paint will impressive choice for them.Whether it is your dresser, chair, bathroom vanity and dining table chalk paint treatment great choice for shabby chick, vintage and rustic chard in furniture and home decor.

As this does not require any prep work as you can start paining over dry surface without stripping the previous layer of paint first.Depending on your choice you can keep ding table painting with single or double coat as these are relatively thick and opaque.If you want more smooth finish you can use sand wood and with a damp cloth which is optional up to your preference.And learn how to paint a dining table with chalk paint in the rest of the article.

Frequently asked questing about chalk paint and painting process

We are suggesting you to reed these question and answers which make you more confident and enough learned about the process and more which should you know before moving the main process of how to paint a dining table with chalk paint

Can you use chalk paint on a dining room table?

Of course, you can use chalk paint on the dining room table which will be a delightful DIY project.Even when you’re dining table lost its beauty straightly go with chalk paint which offer your personalized dining table which have great blending of modern and farmhouse charm which is eye catchy for vintage style for minimalist to traditional.

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Is it necessarily to sand before painting with chalk paint?

Not really. And this is the best advantages of chalk painting on your furniture pieces and home decor. If you have cleaned them very deeply you can skip this step when you are painting. Event quick cleaning won’t provide cheap finish which with go a couple of the years. But most of the people love sanding  before painting with chalk for more smooth and soft surface. Chalk paint adhere to the furniture beautifully while the uneven finish and deep scratches required sand.

Why chalk paint is great to makeover furniture pieces?

There are several reasons which makes chalk paint more popular than other painting. Firstly this painting takes less coating with small amount of paining  involves zero prep and pretty simple and straightforward process than other painting options on laminate, particle board, solid wood, leather and more almost any surface where this paint adheres perfectly.

Which are the  best chalk painting  color for dining?

The transformation of kitchen table or dining table set meant a great change for the entire setting of the room. It is you and your eye can choose the best color choice for your dining table makeover which is most matching or contrasting per your need. For a dining table you can choose white, gray, olive, slat green, light blue and more. While gray and different shade of white is most carving colors of chalk paint for dining table makeover.

Can chalk paint bright up old furniture?

Absolutely. Mostly it can do this effectively than other traditional furniture. When you are bored with your old dining table set chalk paint able to provide new fresh look with brighten up the things in lest effort, budget and time. Because of its optimal looking  people taking this as trendy while chalk paint dining table before and after makes you shocked viewing the difference.

Which is the best chalk paint?

To get the best chalk paint you should take help from varied website who wrote about them on this thing with their pros and cons in detail to make fruitful your investment. You can choose this paint dependent up to where you are wanting to paint. You can choose the per color selection, furniture type, wall or fabric painting, protective coat and more. Here the KILZ,Annie Solam,Rust -Oleum,Americana Decor are the several most popular chalk paint option depending on their use and  smooth finish capability.

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Does chalk paint  last longer in the dining table?

Undoubtedly chalk pain is fabulous choice which seems after two years used new one which is painted yesterday.Usually chalk paint adhere to your ding table and chairs smoothly while you make two coats with water based clear protective top coat that work amazing to pride your painted pieces wonderful looks and durability.Once you painted your faded dining table set and be worry free about this for a couple of years.

How long does it take to chalk paint for a dining table set?

As you are taking this your DIY project you cannot give you full working day on this to be completed. But if you have enough time without interruption it will take 1 week. While you are approaching slowly to maintain your usual working schedule it will take more than three weeks. If there are several people to help you in this DIY project it will take less time as we said.

How to paint a dining room table with chalk paint

This part of the article will discuss the things and the entire process step by step which makes it which you are thinking tough and messy. Read carefully to under the rest of the writing.

Things you will need

  • Chalk paint
  • Stain
  • Clear coat
  • Foam roller set
  • Paint brushes
  • Detail brush set
  • Drop cloth for protection
  • Electric sander and sanding paper
  • Block hand sander, Microfiber cloth and Cleaning wipes for finishing

Process of dining table and chairs with chalk paint 

Choose the chalk paint and color

Though there are so many option for chalk paint while you should have well-researched over them with best colors and brands with. And find the real one from Home Depot, Low’s and others which have good collection of chalk paint from varied good brand which capable to supply  beautiful and bright colors in reasonable price. Color shade can be lightly different for each brand so choice per your demand. How many pieces you want to paint depending on this purchase pack of paint.

Clean the furniture

For ensuring best result you should not skip this step while you can use soapy water and rag to clean food, dirt and grimes.You should clean the dining table and chairs thoroughly.

Sand your furniture

It is very common to have an electric sander in your garage, you can use to make your task more easy and fine. You can use this for chairs whether you are not experienced this won’t take more than 5o minutes. For table-top sanding you can use a hand sander which have fine grit to allow smoother and softer finish. Takes more time than chairs while even in electric sander too. While it is faster than manual attempt.

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Stain the table-top and chairs

Whenever you finished the sanding step it comes the most interesting episode of staining. Here tips is you always choose  2 in1 formulated stain which have blending of polyurethane and satin which helps to get rid of extra steps to leave messy and extra time-consuming. The number of coating depends on color thickness varied in different bean while some could be single or two while other demand 3 or more to get the best appearance. To ensure best smooth between each coat use a fine grit sponge and   furniture duster to clean dirt and debris Microfiber cloth also be a good handy thing in this step.

Paint your furniture pieces

Painting the legs of chair and table is the most time-consuming part of this process while you should start from here and be careful when you are reaching at the back area of the chair where the seat and back joint together. You should take arrange small paintbrush set to paint the unusual area to paint flawlessly. Use Lysol and other brand’s wipes to face any mishap with faster wiped off.

Use protective coat

To make your painting durable and long-lasting this step has to follow. This crystal clear finish is to allow your painting to rounds of the year. We are suggesting you give only two coats for your furniture pieces. Choose a water-based and faster-drying one.


Painting a dining table set with chalk paint is a modern fair for your farmhouse or vintage-themed room style. Before painting with chalk paint you have lots of questions will your mind about this task. So are trying to answer All the related questions which can be narrated by you. Ours provided answers are practically proven and well researched. So you can trust us and follow our method to reach the goal.

DIY project is more fun when you have step-by-step instruction from experienced. And in this writing, we prefer to provide that required guideline which is enough to attain the best result in how to paint a dining table with chalk paint attempt without mess yet full of pleased.

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